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8 reasons behind Break Ups of Long term Relationships
Published : Wednesday, 25 January, 2017 at 3:29 PM,  Read :  236  times.
8 reasons behind Break Ups of Long term Relationshipsjamuna news : We’ve all been in relationships that we were sure would last a lifetime but crumbled beneath us. Sometimes we know exactly why these relationships don’t last while other times we are not aware of the reasons behind them breaking. Using scenarios from relationships of people who have been together for 20 years or more, a list of reasons behind break ups of long term relationships have been compiled from Reddit thread below:

1. No sex
Or not enough sex. Sex is important. End of conversation. You want to make it past the 20 year mark, you better have that bedroom stuff on lock.

2. Money issues
It could be anything having to do with the bill: One person is too controlling with the finances, and/or one person spends EVERYTHING, and/or you just have different view points about how money should be dealt with.
Heartless_Gloater writes, “Friend of mine not me. Married for over 20 years. He was the main earner. She brought up the kids. When the kids left home she went out to work for the first time in their marriage. At the end of the first month he expects them to put both their respective wages together to pay the bills. She abjectly refused. Said it was her money. She brought up the kids and now having this extra money is her due/reward.”

3. Empty nesting
So many stories on the Reddit thread of people staying together for the kids. They must know that this is often terrible for the kids?

4. Bad communication
Long term relationships require a ton of talking it out and changing and growing behavior because of these talks. If either or both parties are shut down to each other, this isn’t going to happen and the relationship will crumble.

5. Not compromising
As aarmor puts it, “You can communicate all you want, but communication makes no difference if there is no compromise.”

6. Cheating
A lot of cheating on the Reddit thread and liberal usage of the term “boinking” to describe the cheating, which I fully support.
Transvestophilia writes, “Wasn’t me but happened in my family. They were married for 22 years. The wife was cheating on him for a few years.. with her best friend. who was also a woman. The husband and wife agreed to split amicably and the rest of the family were all really supportive, including the kids.

7. Not enough in common
If you don’t like any of the same things or have some similar interests, chances are you won’t have things to talk about before long.

8. Some really hard stuff happens and it just doesn’t work anymore
Makerbot2000 heartbreakingly shares, “Late to this thread, but what the hell. Married 16 years, together 18, so close enough. Had a solid relationship that was incredible. Job changes, family dramas (sister tried to kill herself), and it was like we were a team that could take on what life handed out.

But then we had the year to end all years  lost 3 out of 4 parents (her Dad had died a long time ago) in a single year, moved to a new house that was still being renovated, and she went back to school to start a new career. All of those combined were like a perfect storm and everything just collapsed. I still don’t understand what happened.


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