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Government-officials involved with timber smuggling in forest division
Published : Wednesday, 25 January, 2017 at 3:17 PM,  Read :  132  times.
Government-officials involved with timber smuggling in forest divisionjamuna news desk: Chittagong forest department is constantly being smuggled shipping timber from protected forests. Government forest officer is included with the smugglers to shipping all the timber from protected forest area.

Social forestry is not escaping for this smuggler. The timber traffic is being sold to several brickfields.

According to the investigation, from September to March it will become a festival for timber smuggling. To the forest guard these seven months known as "Season".

Government-funded forest garden becomes disruption and destructed as well as government's social forestry program. There is timber smuggling festival at every night in Chittagong north division 15 bit under 5 ranges of Fatickchari. Forest bit, police station, and powerful person are doing extortion are worth every night.

Among the timbers are Akashmoni, Jarul, Berry, Teak, Chapalish, Gamari, Koroi, including Gorjon and various species of trees. These trees are trafficked at night. The night is as deep as the timber traffic grows like a festival.

Seen firsthand, from Narayanhat ranges Narayanhat bit of forest, Datmara bit of forest, Balu khali bit forest, Dhurong bit forest, Hazarikhali ranges Barmasia bit of forest, Fatikchari bit of forest, Hasabad bit of forest, Tarakhor bit of forest, Hathazari ranges Shovonchari bit of forest, Korerhat ranges Heyako bit of forest and Adhar Manik bit of forest trees being cut every day.

They sell this timber to the Raojan and Hathazari's several brick field. Najirahate timber smuggler has a syndicates-society.

Chittagong north forest division chief Md. Joglul Hossain said to jamuna news 24 dot com' "Bit and rangers are appointed to protect the forest. Not to destroy the forest with wood and timber smuggler".
On condition of anonymity.

one businessman (buyers of social forestry lot) said, "We deposit money in the government treasury for auction to purchase the forest garden though we cut the tree by following the government rules, we r bound to give bribe to the to the officials".

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