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jamuna news desk: As the promotions of 'Raees' roll on via th...

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Sunny shocked by the fan frenzy
Published : Tuesday, 24 January, 2017 at 1:28 PM,  Read :  165  times.
Sunny shocked by the fan frenzyjamuna news desk: As the promotions of 'Raees' roll on via the railway route, Shah Rukh Khan has been greeting the gathered fans at the various halts the train is making. The journey started from Mumbai on Monday evening. Sunny Leone who has performed to the foot-tapping track 'Laila O Laila' was also on-board along with the film's crew. Apparently, Sunny entered the train in a burkha at the Mumbai Central station.

On reaching the Vadodara station, for the train's stipulated halt, the gathered fans flocked the train and refused to leave the tracks. King Khan's fans got on top of the train and started to bang on the rail compartments. The crazed fans had to be lathi-charged by the police to restore order. Sunny was visibly petrified of this fan frenzy.

The stars had a ten minute halt at Vadodara, facilitating the change of engine for the train, this is a regular process in long-distance rail journeys. In the meanwhile, King Khan greeted his teeming fans and the situation was brought under control by local police. The train is expected to reach Delhi on Tuesday morning.

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