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Could EU citizens get better UK access
Published : Sunday, 22 January, 2017 at 1:01 PM,  Read :  140  times.
Could EU citizens get better UK accessjamuna news desk: It has been said of the Prime Minister that it is as important to listen to what she doesn't say as to what she does.

When I interviewed her yesterday, I asked about an issue that is a live debate in government.

Yes, the Prime Minister has been very clear about what the UK doesn't want in its negotiations with the European Union. No free movement of people. And no oversight of British laws by the European Court of Justice.

But what about what it may offer to gain privileged access to the economically important single market? One issue where there appears to be some flexibility is the rules that will be put in place to control immigration into the UK.

I asked Mrs May whether the government would consider allowing easier access for EU immigrants than those from outside the union. And in return gain better access to the single market than offered to non EU states.

"When people voted on the June 23, they did vote for us to take control of our immigration laws for people coming from the EU into the UK," she answered. "They want the British government to be the government that is making those decisions on their behalf, and that is what we will do.

"At the moment the Home Office is looking at the various systems we could put in place, the various rules that we could put in place and in due course we will be deciding which route to go down."

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