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ACC to strengthen trap system to catch bribe-takers
Published : Wednesday, 11 January, 2017 at 3:44 PM,  Read :  42  times.
ACC to strengthen trap system to catch bribe-takersjamuna news : Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Iqbal Mahmood on Wednesday warned that the commission is set to strengthen the trap system undercover sting Operations to catch bribe-takers at offices believed to be the most corrupted organizations.

Stop taking bribes, otherwise wait for tough action," the ACC chairman said sounding a note of warning to bribe takers at a press conference unveiling the commission's last year activities and this year's action plan at its headquarters at Segunbagicha here.

"Thirteen cases were lodged last year in connections with arresting bribe-takers through the trap system, he said, adding that the matter of special surveillance at the offices indulged in corruption will be visible this year.

A total of 12568 allegations were submitted to the lone anti-graft body. Of those, 1,543 allegations have been taken into consideration for the inquiry while 543 allegations have been forwarded to the concerned offices to take administrative measures, he said.

Talking about graft cases, he said, A total of 339 graft cases were lodged while charge sheets in 528 cases have been placed before the courts in 2016.

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