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Ruqaiyyah gets IELTS best performance award
Published : Saturday, 7 January, 2017 at 12:49 AM,  Read :  510  times.
Ruqaiyyah gets IELTS best performance awardjamuna news: British Council has given the best performance award of IELTS 2016 to Kazi Ruqaiyyah Nawer Omar who has acquired 8.5 score. Council delivered the award on Thursday.

Ruqaiyyah, eldest daughter of Mehbuba Aftab Shathee who is the chairman of online newsportal, is second of three sisters and one brother.

She lived sometimes in Saudi Arabia as her late father Kazi Golam Omar was a businessman there. Ruqaiyyah got A+ of all subjects in O-Level from the English section of Bangladesh embassy in Riyadh.

Kazi Ruqaiyyah also passed A-Level with distinction (A+ in all subjects) from the London College of Legal Studies in Bangladesh. Then she had completed LLB from the same college.

By the sidelines of her studies she took classes of IELTS in various institutions. Besides, some research articles of Ruqaiyyah had been published in periodicals of world class’s institutions.

Now she has completed her preparations to go for United Kingdom to take higher degree (MA) in power, energy and gas-law.

Kazi Ruqaiyyah has expressed her feelings to and said that, ‘I was overwhelmed with happiness but this is only the first step to many more successes. So I want to be grateful for this moment & be grounded to strive further.’

Mehbuba, mother of Ruqaiyyah, said, I am very glad as my daughter has got the award. My only expectation is that she will do well for the common people after getting the higher education. January 2017

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