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Jamunanews : In 2016, comfort emerged as the overriding facto...

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Size doesn’t matter!
Published : Friday, 30 December, 2016 at 1:24 PM,  Read :  230  times.
Size doesn’t matter!Jamunanews : In 2016, comfort emerged as the overriding factor in deciding the look for the season
Whether it was the ubiquitous kurtas or oversized shirts, loose, comfortable clothing was the dominant feature on the ramps and racks this year.

Comfort was uppermost in the mind of the coutourist and, of course, the wearer. In fact, comfort clothing was the trend not only on runways but was also found favour in the dream factories of Bollywood. It was about practical clothing as female stars didn’t mind sporting long T-shirts and sweat shirts during film promotion. Body hugging attires, which invariably flaunt curvaceous figure, were given good riddance.

Loose clothing has been an international trend and has now percolated to India.

Experts feel, it has a sociological dimension to it. It is the freedom to wear and not bounded by the diktats of fashion gurus . According to seasoned designer Payal Jain, it is freedom to wear clothes in which the wearer feels comfortable. “Loose clothing has a sociological and practical aspect to it because people want comfort. It is nolonger about good looks. The reasoning that if you want to look good then you are bound to wear certain kind of clothes is no longer applicable. I will connect this trend with freedom and right to wear garments in which you feel comfortable. Now it is about an expression of individuality and who you are. The practical aspect is that people need to travel lot more now.”

This is not an overnight development, though and is associated with the rise of sustainable fashion. “It has been a gradual process. Fashion is no longer regimented; it is not the same as it was three years ago. Loose clothing also means natural fabric like cotton or a blend of cotton with other fabric giving a push to sustainable fashion. Now sportswear is also becoming natural and organic. We have organic jeans. We need sustainable clothes because our planet is wearing off. So sustainability and comfort went hand in hand this year.”

Conscious fashion was the norm this year as every designer worth his salt spoke about sustainability, explaining how waste in factory can be minimised. dec-30-2016

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