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5 signs he is not going to marry you
Published : Monday, 28 November, 2016 at 4:04 PM,  Read :  227  times.
5 signs he is not going to marry youjamuna news desk:  Does he get uneasy and avoids you whenever you try and talk about your future to him? Or he dodges the topic every time you bring it up? Be alert, ladies! He might have something cooking in his mind. It could be a sign that he doesn’t want to marry you.

*Isn’t it a bit absurd that your whole blood line knows about him but you’re restricted to just his friends? Take it as an indication when he gets resistant about you meeting his parents or anybody in his family.

*There’s no such thing as ‘’too young’’ or ‘’too soon’’. If you guys have been dating for a long time now but still he is not prepared for it, he might never be.

*Are his thoughts on the M word not too nice? Is getting married the last option on his list? Or does he consider marriage as a suicide mission? Then, you have a reason to worry. Such cold thoughts can lead to your future, not so bright.

*You can write a book when it comes to him and what he wants to do in future, but does he have any idea what you have in store for yours? Is he even interested? Think about it.

*You have planned a candle light dinner in the most romantic restaurant of the town but he just dodges it and your ‘’so called’’ date ends in the bed with popcorn and Netflix? Sure, it’s the most comforting idea for a date but not always?


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