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5 different ways to get rainbow hair
Published : Tuesday, 15 November, 2016 at 1:46 PM,  Read :  258  times.
5  different ways to get rainbow hairjamuna news desk: Sure, we may be heading into winter, but that doesn't mean that your wardrobe, or even your hair, has to only have pastel or grey hues. In fact, the latest hair-colour trend to take over the internet is Lisa Frank Hair.

For the uninitiated, Lisa Frank runs a corporation in the US that was famous in the '90s for creating school supplies that featured rainbow and neon colours, and stylized depictions of animals such as dolphins, pandas and unicorns. Now, she's got a range of leggings and T-shirts that are reminiscent of her '90s work, and social media fashionistas have taken inspiration from them to create #LisaFrankHair. There have been other variants of rainbow hair as well. We bring you the most popular.

5  different ways to get rainbow hair

This is a more low-key version of the trend, in which rainbow hues are applied horizontally to sections of the hair in random areas, and are layered in an artistic manner.

5  different ways to get rainbow hair

This hair-colour trend is inspired by succulents plants that retain water in arid climates that come in stunning colours. The colours usually used are pink and green as they are normally seen in these plants.

5  different ways to get rainbow hairHIDDEN RAINBOW HAIR
This method involves using the underlights technique to make the usually in-your-face rainbow hair more safe for work. You can either get all seven colours of the rainbow or get your own version, like a pastel pink on top, and few rainbow colours underneath.

This is basically a hair tattoo in rainbow hues hidden under the rest of your hair, so you can keep your hair down for work, but put it up for a more fun vibe after hours. You can get a hair tattoo at the back of your hair or on the side.

5  different ways to get rainbow hairRAINBOW FRINGE
This style involves dyeing your fringe in rainbow hues and leaving the rest of your hair one colour. You can have your fringe in different colours or just one that's different from the rest of your hair.


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