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Indonesia castration law will wipe out paedophilia
Published : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016 at 9:35 AM,  Read :  65  times.
Indonesia castration law will wipe out paedophiliajamuna news desk:  Indonesia could "wipe out" paedophilia with its new policy of chemical castration, President Joko Widodo has told the BBC.

He said Indonesia respected human rights but there would be "no compromise" when it came to punishing such sexual crimes.

Indonesia passed controversial laws earlier this month authorising chemical castration for paedophiles.

The laws were subject to fierce debate in parliament.

"Our constitution respects human rights, but when it comes to sexual crimes there is no compromise," President Widodo said.

"We are strong and we will be very firm. We will hand out the maximum penalty for sexual crimes."

He added: "In my opinion… chemical castration, if we enforce it consistently, will reduce sex crimes and wipe them out over time."

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